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Multiple options are available to engage coaching support. All options are executed virtually (over phone, Skype, or FaceTime at the choice of client).

Option #1: Full Executive Coaching Package- $3,000 USD

  • Pre-Assessments- StrengthsFinder2.0 & DISC
  • Integrate Other Prior Company Assessments and Feedback ie: 360 Degree, Myers Briggs..
  • 900 Minutes: (10) 90-minute One-On-One Coaching Sessions
  • Post-Evaluation with Client
  • Post-Evaluation for Company Use upon request


Option #2: Full College Student Success Path/Career Readiness– $3,000 USD

  • 900 Minutes: (10) 90-minute One-On-One Coaching Sessions (Per session minutes can be altered to support student schedule)
  • LeaderCorps Virtual- Program Binder with individual assessments (Including StrengthsFinder2.0)
  • Resume/LinkedIn optimization with interview “hip pocket” stories based on assessment strengths and personal brand development
  • Networking Roadmap Instruction and Support
  • Post-Evaluation


Option #3: Abbreviated College Student Success Path/Career Readiness (One Time Use Only)- $799 USD

  • 360 Minutes: (4) 90-minute One-On-One Coaching Sessions
  • LeaderCorps Virtual-Abbreviated model with assessments (Including StrengthsFinder 2.0)
  • Resume/Linked In optimization plus interview “hip-pocket” stories based on individual strengths from assessment
  • Post-Evaluation


Option #4: Kickstarter Package (First Time Use Only)- $279 USD

  • StrengthsFinder2.0 assessment
  • 180 Minutes: (2) 90-minute One-On-One Coaching Sessions


Contact us for more details on each package offering.