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“I think coaching is great. I coach my team all the time!” This is a common statement made about coaching, however, there is a big difference from team coaching/mentoring and personal coaching from a trained and certified executive/personal coach.

The term “Coach” is misused in the individual coaching world because most people identify with the sports coach persona being equitable to individual professional coaching.  For simplicity, we’ll categorize feedback/input into three buckets: Managing, Mentoring, or Coaching.

Managing occurs mostly in the workplace as well as in the home. Managing is centered around giving instruction, sharing processes, and giving feedback based on how well someone does against those instructions or processes.  This is what most commonly is called coaching by leaders. It’s managing, not coaching, because it’s direction given based on the way the leader wants things done. Managing gives the answers to the receiver.

Mentoring occurs mostly in the workplace as well as with friends or peers.  Mentoring is sharing advice based on one’s experience and perspective to help another person with a similar challenge. Mentoring offers answers to the receiver.

Coaching occurs anywhere, but only by a trained and certified coach.  Coaches are trained to ask specific questions that help the recipient identify roadblocks and uncover the best answers for themselves. Professional coaches never give answers, they unlock the ability to find answers.

What 6th Power™ coaching is:

A specific program of scientifically based processes by a trained ICF and/or IICM certified coach. In every full session the process is as follows:

  • Identify a real issue or goal to work on during the session
  • Go through one of the 80 proven CLI PCMK™ proven methodologies appropriately chosen for your needs in each session
  • Identify negative patterns and roadblocks keeping you from achieving your goal
  • Create a new belief system and embed into your subconscious for permanent change
  • Create SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-bound) goals against your plan to achieve maximum potential
  • When appropriate, after the session receive mentoring advice
  • Everything discussed is 100% confidential and will remain confidential in perpetuity (see confidentiality agreement here).  If your coaching is sanctioned by your organization and all parties agree upfront what information is to be disclosed back to the organization, you will have final say of that agreement upfront or else 6th Power™ will not contract with you and/or your organization.
What 6th Power™ coaching isn’t:
  • Just a motivational pep talk with some feedback based on what you share or what is indicated in your personality assessments
  • Professional Therapy. We are not doctors and this is not therapy (although many clients feel a therapeutic release after each session). Therapy vs coaching: Therapy is akin to an archaeologist digging into past events to understand past trauma and root cause.  Coaching touches on the past for understanding of habitual patterns, but the primary focus is centered on overcoming roadblocks to create new beliefs and establish goals for future success.
  • This is not a performance or development plan review.  As noted in the confidentiality agreement, you will have final say regarding what information is shared with your organization.