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LC Program Rules, Policies, and Safety

Payment Options & Cancellation Policy

What are my Payment Options:

Choose to pay by secure electronic check / ACH payment, electronic wire transfer, or check. There are three payment schedules to choose from.

  1. Pay in full when you enroll.
  2. Pay in two installments if you enroll before April 15. Make your first installment 15 days after enrolling and your final installment 90 days before departure. After April 15, for information about payment plans.
  3. Pay the minimum amount due at enrollment (enrollment fee and any optional fees including Optional Cancellation Waiver) and we’ll email you your invoice, at which time you can choose to pay in full or in installments.

How LeaderCorps Accepts Payments:

LeaderCorps/6th Power accepts payments either by secure electronic check / ACH payment, electronic wire transfer, or check.

For clients with bank accounts in the United States, we can accept secure payments by electronic check (ACH payment). These payments are made by providing us with your bank’s 9-digit routing number (also known as an ABA number) and account number, both of which can be found on a check. For clients outside the United States please contact us @ .

Where to find your bank account information?

During Enrollment You Can Choose to Pay by One of the Following Methods:

  • Pay in Full by Electronic Check / ACH: Payment for the full cost of your trip will be automatically processed within 7 business days of the submission of your enrollment form. This does NOT incur the 3% installment service fee.
  • Pay in Installments by Electronic Check / ACH: Installments will be divided into two equal payments, with the first payable 7 days after enrollment, and the second payable at least 90 days prior to your departure date. These installments will be automatically processed according to the installment schedule included in your Welcome Letter and Invoice, unless other arrangements are made with your Personal Travel Advisor. Payments in installment incurs an additional 3% installment service charge on the total cost of your trip.

If You Prefer to Pay by Check You May Send Checks To:

United States Postal Service / Domestic (U.S.) Delivery
6TH Power
7520 Dr. Phillips Blvd.  Suite 50741
Orlando, Florida 32819

Please ensure that checks arrive by your payment due date.

Optional Cancellation Waiver

We strongly suggest that families purchase our Optional Cancellation Waiver, which provides you with maximum flexibility to cancel or revise your itinerary prior to travel. You may cancel up until 24 hours prior to your first departure date and receive a full refund of your program fees. Any refund of airfare costs is dependent upon airline policy and cannot be guaranteed. This waiver does not guarantee a refund of airfare costs.

  • The optional cancellation waiver must be purchased during the enrollment process and is non-refundable.
  • You must cancel at least 24 hours prior to your first departure date. The OCW may not be used for upcoming sessions after your initial session has departed.
  • All administrative fees, any applicable late payment fees, and installment fees are non-refundable.
  • Airfare costs are not included in the refund issued by the Optional Cancellation Waiver, this will be dependent upon each airline’s policy.
  • Optional Cancellation Waiver rates are based on trip duration:
    • 1 – 13 days = $195
    • 14 – 20 days = $385
    • 21 – 27 days = $550

Standard Cancellation Policy

If you do not purchase the Optional Cancellation Waiver, you will be subject to our standard cancellation policy detailed below. Trip cancellation date is determined by the date we receive or confirm by written notice (email or mail) the request for cancellation of the participant’s program(s). Verbal notice alone does not serve as a valid cancellation notification.

  • Cancellation with a qualified student replacement: Prior to 45 days out, cancellation with a full program replacement student that is qualified and approved by the LeaderCorps team will result in a full program cost refund, minus administrative costs, deposits, and waivers costs. Less than 45 days follows the 45 day out policy.
  • Cancellation by you more than 90 days prior to participant’s first scheduled departure date: you will receive a 60% refund on your total trip cost.
  • Cancellation by you between 89 and 45 days prior to participant’s first scheduled departure date: you will receive a 30% refund on your total trip cost.
  • Cancellation by you less than 45 days prior to participant’s first scheduled departure date: you will receive no refund.

Note that total trip cost includes program fees, but excludes enrollment and administrative fees.

The refund percentage listed above is based on your total trip cost. If your account is not paid in full at time of cancellation, the amount you receive back (if applicable) will be calculated off of your total trip cost (excluding fees), not what has been paid. In some cases, this may mean that a refund will not be issued.

LeaderCorps Rules, Health, and Safety

Ensuring the safety of every student traveling with LeaderCorps is a top priority. We take students to remote locations, expose them to unfamiliar surroundings, and encourage personal growth through exploration. When conducted responsibly, these experiences transform students in ways that are impossible to replicate inside the classroom, and for this reason, the health and safety measures we take are a fundamental part of our travel programs.

Program Rules

As a LeaderCorps student you take on part of the responsibility for ensuring that your program is safe, fun, and meaningful. During your program, we ask that you always follow the rules below.

  • Do not consume or possess alcohol (including students of legal drinking age)
  • Do not use or possess illegal drugs, including prescription medication not prescribed to you
  • Required prescription medicine must be in possession of and administered by LeaderCorps staff
  • Do not use tobacco or tobacco products (including electronic tobacco products)
  • No sex or any act that is of a sexual nature
  • No stealing
  • No tattoos or piercings
  • No bullying
  • Follow all the directions given to you by LeaderCorps staff
  • Never leave your group without proper supervision
  • Remain respectful and sensitive to local culture
  • Represent yourself and LeaderCorps in an appropriate manner

Breaking any of the rules listed above will result in immediate removal from your program. You and your family are responsible for any additional costs associated with being removed from a program.

Bullying and Inclusivity Statement

At LeaderCorps, we value community. We cherish diversity and inclusivity and we actively strive to create a culture of acceptance, tolerance and respect. We welcome all students onto our programs, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, or socioeconomic status. LeaderCorps defines bullying as harassment, intimidation, or any act intended to exclude or harm another person physically or psychologically. We believe that any form, type, or level of bullying or discrimination is unacceptable and requires immediate attention. We have a zero tolerance policy on bullying and reserve the right to dismiss any student who bullies or discriminates against others.

Our rules are intended to keep people safe and to maintain program quality. Dismissal becomes necessary when a student’s behavior interferes with our ability to facilitate safe, high­ quality programs.

When a student is dismissed, no refund will be given for the remaining program cost, missed activities, or adjusted flights. Any costs associated with a student’s departure from the program will be the responsibility of the student and their family. Future participation in LeaderCorps programs will not be permitted.

The following rules apply to students traveling to, on, or from programs. Breaking these rules typically results in immediate dismissal from program.

Students who repeatedly fail to meet the following expectations will be dismissed:

  • Care and respect must be shown at all times for oneself, for others, and for the program
  • Do not drive or ride on motorcycles or scooters
  • Obey the instructions of guides and program leaders
  • Obey local laws
  • Do not leave the group without letting a program leader know
  • Smartphone and internet use must not interfere with program activities
  • Do not get any tattoos, piercings, or other body modifications while on program
  • Do not use or possess tobacco or nicotine products, including vaporizers and e­-cigarettes

Food and Water

When LeaderCorps chefs and cooks prepare meals, necessary adjustments for specific dietary needs and allergies can be made. When meals take place at trusted local restaurants, we rely on those partners to help accommodate dietary needs. We recommend students bring purchase alternate snacks if dining out at home requires individual adjustments, otherwise expect the same accommodations as typical restaurants. All water is bottled or purified.

Accommodation and Transportation

All participants stay at LeaderCorps carefully vetted hotels, guesthouses, camps, or with trusted homestay families. In-country vehicle transportation is provided by LeaderCorps drivers or local vendors. LeaderCorps performs annual safety checks on all company-owned vehicles and expects the same of all vendor transportation companies.

Vendors and Partners

LeaderCorps reviews all external service providers, including transportation, accommodation, and activity vendors, annually. Vendor business infrastructure, hiring and training processes, and emergency management systems are assessed to make sure they are reputable and safe.