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Motivational Speaking

Go big or go home. The 6th Power
philosophy to inspiring your team(s)
for maximum results.

“If we keep doing what we’re doing, we’re going to keep getting what we’re getting.”

— Steven Covey

Get your students or business team amped to drive meaningful impact!

Engage Kristin’s experience and coaching tools to ignite your people with personal growth awareness and leadership E.Q. skills that inspire meaningful action. Contact 6th Power™ to learn more.

Motivational Speaking Topics

6th Power - Motivational Speaking - Sleepwalking through your career

College-Age Career Direction

Immerse in proven techniques to help students map individual strengths, interests, and skills into a career vision and statement. This helps define majors, industries to seek post college, and stories to set each student apart from the crowd. 

6th Power - Motivational Speaking - Use Your Voice

Find Clarity in Chaos

Goals, life’s demands, and not enough time to get any of it done…sound familiar? Understand how to create clear focus with positive new habits in the six areas of your life  to achieve your most desired maximum impact at work, at home, and most importantly, with yourself.

6th Power - Motivational Speaking - Elevate Productivity

Guilt-Free Habits For Working Moms

Clear the guilt, eliminate the noise, and laugh with Kristin as she shares her most harrowing working mom stories. She’ll also give you clear tools to simplify your goals and create positive habits that put you first. Spoiler alert, her kids grew up healthy and happy! 

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