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Power Coaching

Stop living and leading in the “ordinary.”
It’s time to smash your personal barriers
and start experiencing the extraordinary!

Identify blind spots to amplify presence. Overcome fears to blast barriers. Get Results that Matter.

6th Power - Mindful VISiON6™ Coaching - Conscious Brain

“I have no life” is a common complaint of today’s over-stressed leaders. Work/Life balance is a fallacy. We are constantly balancing competing priorities between all 6 areas of life and groundhog day gets very real, very soon.

What if getting in balance and centering on Growth and Contribution is what really drives fulfillment across all six areas? That’s exactly what Power6 coaching helps you achieve and why all successful leaders use coaches to catapult their fulfillment and impact.

 Get Your Power Coach today.

What holds you back from realizing your dreams?

Fear. It’s that simple.

Blast Fear. Be Your Best You.

  • Fear is what holds you back from living your best life.  Pick your poison, it comes in various forms.  Fear of failure, of looking stupid, of change, or even fear of success. They all hold you back.
  • Think you’re fearless? Your subconscious knows better. Test it out.  Try something that you know you fear and observe. Your emotions are processed in the subconscious and the chemical reaction to that emotion is the “feeling” you have. Those feelings are what drive your conscious decisions. Welcome to your subconscious driving 95% of the show.
  • How do you change your subconscious patterns of fear? Reframe them. Athletes train and practice to create subconscious reactions in the moment to execute with precision. Train your subconscious thoughts by visualizing the reframe, habituating, and executing.
  • Sound too complicated? Rather stay in your comfort zone?  We know. It’s your brain’s homeostasis for safety first and then comfort. That’s why we make coaching with us a safe and comfortable place for you.
  • Hire your Power Coach today. Retrain you brain and live your best life.
6th Power - Mindful VISiON6™ Coaching - Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Refer to our Coaching Code of Ethics and FAQ section for additional information.


“Kristin is an encouraging and positive coach with an inspiring story. She has helped me uncover my strengths and capabilities and link it to my life’s mission. Over a four month period she has helped me set goals and take actions to overcome challenges and achieve some important milestones in starting my own consulting business. Most of all, Kristin cares deeply for her clients and goes above and beyond to help them achieve their goals.”

Michael Zia Mian, Ph.D. Mian Talent Solutions, Founder & Principal Consultant Orlando, Florida

“This has truly been an exceptional, enjoyable and valued introspective journey. I was a skeptic of coaching going into this, I freely admit, but I soon began to see subtle yet interesting changes in my perception and acceptance of self.  For me, this process was a constructive exploration that actually helped illuminate ways to effectively apply enhanced awareness towards the pursuit of a meaningful, purpose-filled life personally and professionally. Kristin was incredibly easy to talk to, engaging and sincerely invested from beginning to end. She brought an instant level of comfort, unwavering support and humor to a very enriching experience.”

Tania Stoutamire M.A.G. & Associates Inc, Owner Tallahassee, Florida

“Kristin is a very experienced executive who transforms her life experiences into thorough and experiential coaching services. She adds value by providing her insight in mentoring others on their way to success.”

Tomasz Nędzi skills ltd, CEO and Founder Warsaw, Poland

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