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Impact Leadership Programs

Engage in 6th Power’s™ global programming designed
to immerse high potential talent in experiential
learning for accelerated performance and personal

It’s time to experience real change! Two unique offerings that will transform your perspective of self, relationship with others, and leadership influence on the world…

6th Power Leader Corp


Leader Corps

How do you get the latest leadership skills, experience global meaningful purpose, engage thrilling adventures, and make lifelong friendships with high-performing peers? Engage in a Leader Corps program. Learn how Leader Corps uniquely bridges the gap between business success fundamentals and compassionate sustainable purpose to create transformational Striker Leaders. Click below to learn more.

Lean Into You

How can you effectively lean into a career, company, or anything worthwhile until you’ve fully leaned into yourself and realized your true value? Engage Lean Into You™ and discover your inner purpose, unlock your natural strengths, and capitalize on your personal brand to maximize your greatest potential. Contact us to request more information about this unique personal development program and upcoming workshops/ experiences.

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