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#1 Challenge for College Grads

Jobs That Pay The Rent

Moving back in with parents after college can be less than ideal for all involved, yet it seems to be more commonplace than ever. For most Boomers and Gen-Xer’s, college graduation led to gainful employment, in many cases a long-term career, and more importantly financial independence from their parents.

The Millennial’s transition in comparison has been a far different experience. Parents today are scratching their heads as they stare across the dinner table at their adult children, struggling to reconcile a scenario far from what they imagined.

In 2016 31% of young adults (18-34) were still residing at home with their parents. New Jersey topped the list at an alarming 46.9%, with MD, NY, CT and CA closely following behind.  A mere 14% of college seniors have employment lined up post-graduation and only 30% of recent college graduates are employed in full-time work. Netflix and chill has certainly been redefined in these new cohabitation constraints.

This is not only taxing to mom and dad’s empty-nest lifestyle, it is a financial burden on our entire system. U.S. student loan debt is currently $1.44 trillion with 44 million borrowers. The delinquency rate is 11.2% which means not only are parents feeling the pain, but we are all impacted when our taxes subsidize loan defaults.

Is there a viable solution?

The answer is yes and it is called Leader Corps!

Leader Corps is an innovative two-week global project immersion for college students and recent graduates specifically designed to teach, challenge, motivate and inspire purpose on the path to independence. Leader Corps guarantees its participants a job within 12 months post immersion and graduation or your money is refunded.

This experience entails one-on-one coaching with certified professionals, strengths and personality assessments supported by essential business training, and intensive practice demonstrating new-found skills in critical-issues projects. The projects expose students to cultural experiences that invoke empathetic leadership skills highly needed in today’s corporate corridors.  The learnings ensure participants stand out from the crowd as they hone resumes, conduct mock interviews, and engage business mentors post-program to further support career-search networking for success.

Fire up the Netflix, mom and dad just exhaled for the first time since writing that last tuition check.




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About the Author – Kristin Danganan

Kristin is the Founder and CEO of 6th Power™, a business that focuses on helping individuals and organizations maximize their potential through personal coaching, motivational speaking, and group training events. The goal is to first unlock the individual’s potential and happiness which in turn unlocks the value for the benefiting company and community. Kristin draws on her prior success as a global strategic sales and capability leader at PepsiCo, her CLI™ Executive Power Coach training, and her multiple keynote experiences inspiring others to clear their mental clutter and maximize their potential. Kristin is a +20-year veteran of PepsiCo as a strategic executive, a mom of two active children (Kendall 21 and Mikey 17), and is an adventure enthusiast that in her free time can either be caught jumping out of an airplane, catching waves on her 8’ Walden, or traveling the globe to explore any new country or culture that inspires her. She currently resides in Orlando, Florida with her husband Mike and soon-to-be college student Mikey.

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