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A Millennial’s Take on Travel

Growth from Perspective

Growing up, travel has always been a huge part of my life. In 7th grade my parents took me out of school for a month to travel around Switzerland and Italy. In retrospect, I most likely did not fully appreciate it at the time, but now fully recognize just how fortunate I truly was. The school encouraged other travel opportunities and strongly believed education was enriched by our experiences outside of a classroom. We rented out a small portion of a house just outside of Rome and took the train into the city almost every day to go explore. My family is just as adventurous as I am, or might it be that they inspired my adventurous spirit?

Flash forward ten years, I have completed two study abroad programs through my University, a solo backpacking trip around Europe, and various excursions around the world with some of my closest friends. Travel has instilled confidence and has brought true happiness into my life. I used to be shy, self-conscious, and scared to take any chances outside of my comfort zone. I worried so much about what people thought of me. Discovering unique parts of the world and choosing to embrace the cultures around me through traveling, has made me a more passionate, outgoing and courageous person.

It is difficult to articulate the value that travel has added to my life, other than to acknowledge simply that it has become an essential part of who I am. Willingness to travel was the first step for me to not only expand my horizons and explore opportunities, but it has played an integral role in my continuing education and personal growth. I encourage everyone to take an adventure, whether it be the next town over, or on the other side of the world. You will gain new and invaluable perspective through unforgettable experiences that only comes with opening your mind and heart to the world around you!


About the Author – Stephanie Bugge

Stephanie Bugge is a 22 year old finance student at the University of Florida. She is addicted to coffee, good books, and adventure. Stephanie has a never-ending passion for travel, and consistently strives to inspire others to follow their dreams.



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