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An Argument for Millennial Minimalism

Shed Your Consumerism Skin Starting with the 3/3 Principle

Millennials are the 18-34 demographic in pursuit of a “less is more” lifestyle. This is in stark contrast to our predecessors who fostered an age of consumerism. Opting for experiences over material possessions, I personally am striving for a redefined path with less stress and more personal freedom.

No stranger to anemic opportunity and an abundance of debt, the excessive- spend mindset is less than appealing to me and certainly viability challenged. Downsizing rather than supersizing, choosing quality over quantity, and saving over spending is fast becoming my realistic necessity.

The ability to discern what I want versus what I actually need is the crux.

Note to self – Stop buying, collecting, and consuming things! My last name is not Kardashian. Find something else to fill the void such as a fitness regimen, online classes that will further your education, start a blog, volunteer to help others…, etc. These things could bring you real and lasting joy and possibly income. Opposed to the rush of buying something new, followed by the sugar-crash regrets that come with post-purchase sobriety, minimalism could be a significant game changer on so many levels.

Who does not want less stress and more time to spend productively and freely? A minimalist lifestyle results in less time spent maintaining, cleaning, organizing, and dealing with excess material possessions. A house full of furniture, cluttered closets, and a garage about to be featured on an episode of “Hoarders- Buried Alive” all require effort, and effort is time. If it sits there because you don’t use it, a.k.a. serves no purpose, say good bye.

Relevant to all this, I am working on and want to share a Three/Three Principle to get the ball rolling.

Start with three categories:

  • Work, Home, and Wardrobe

Then break these down into three to subcategories:

  • Donate, Sell, and Dispose

Label boxes to save time while separating your junk, uh… I mean possessions. The Dispose items should be easiest and the Donate box will make you feel like you are helping another. The Sell box items will require more work so unless an item has marketable value, DONATE IT!

By working to shed my consumerism skin, I choose to focus on the positives. I must believe material things owned or consumed do not/will not ultimately result in measurable happiness or sustainable feelings of self-worth. Paying off bills is drudgery, yet working to save for a trip that will result in real-world experiences and lifelong memories…. now this will get me out of bed in the morning!


About the Author – Madison DeCamillis

Madison DeCamillis is a 22 year old UF alumna with a bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications: Media and Society, specializing in both English and Spanish. She is an advocate for creative living, which she expresses through her writing and art. Madison is inspired by her travels around the world, surfing and yoga, as well as leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle to inspire others.




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