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What if nobody needs me?

Letting go of everyone else’s expectations and focusing on you

What if no one in the world needed you?  No kids depending on love and financial support, no dog waiting to be walked, no job needing your skills, no partner or spouse needing your love, no friends counting on your companionship, no siblings needing bailing out, no parents pressing for kids or grandkids…etc.  What happens when you strip back all the realities of the demands on your life?  Feels a bit lonely, or maybe isolating?  The thought that no one needs your existence to complete their life could feel like your life has no purpose.

Now what if you changed the paradigm and traveled back in time to when you were born. You owed no one your efforts or thoughts other than being cared for and just existing in life.   Theoretically you were “needed” because you fulfilled another person’s desire to care for you, but essentially you were 100% in receiving mode and weren’t providing anything to support another being. You weren’t selfish, it was literally just an existence of human survival to learn and grow with no expectations on you other than to accomplish that growth.

Jettison back to the future and put a spotlight on where you are today.  What demands and expectations are you feeling pressure to input, support, and fulfill for other people? Where are YOU in all of those demands?  Where have you prioritized YOU and your growth?

If you’re not in the picture, it’s time to get back to ground zero. Back to infancy if you will, to let go for a moment and provide some much needed perspective.  Release the grip of what you think or feel everyone else needs and expects of you and pause to focus on what you need from you. This ground zero perspective is the premise of VISiON6 planning against the 6 dimensions of your life.  Step back and ask yourself, deep in your heart, where do I want personal growth and what do I need in each of the following dimensions to achieve that growth? (see “Approach” section of for definitions of each)

  • Vitality
  • Insight
  • Spirit
  • Interpersonal
  • Occupation
  • Nest

After you’ve created your list, hold it up against where you are today.  How does your life today differ from the things you’ve recorded?  These differences are the starting point of a new path focusing on the life journey you’re meant to follow. It doesn’t mean eliminating everything in your life today, but it does mean prioritizing you in the process.  It manifests the Universal Law that states “Your true needs, wants, desires, hopes, dreams, wishes and their fulfillment are as important as those of any other in existence.”

If you feel stuck in stepping forward on your path, contact us at 6th Power.  Our mission is to help you achieve your maximum potential and find your purpose in this wonderful journey we call life.


If you would like further support on this or any other issue, click here to contact 6th Power for a free consultation to see if 6th Power can help you achieve your maximum potential.

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