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Have We Lost Our True Leaders?

Identifying the Face of Truly Effective Leadership

Lately it seems the term Leader is increasingly relegated to include anyone who can amass a following. Whether it be through social media shock-value, managerial business hierarchy, or political divisiveness and pandering hype, the assignment of the label itself is sadly becoming dubious at best.

As I write this, the next U.S. President is being decided in voter polling stations all around the country.  While there appear to be solid pro-candidate voters on both sides, the majority of the people I speak with are extremely frustrated to choose in this election, either way they vote. It seems many are voting what they consider to be the lesser of two frankly unpalatable candidates and/or a 3rd party throw-away vote. Why are we so disenfranchised from the so-called leaders that are supposed to be representing our dreams and future?

Merriam-Webster defines leader as someone or something that leads.  It does not reference values or what an effective leader should be, just someone or something that leads.  So yes, our candidates are leading us, but do we want to follow?  Do they represent our values? Can we align with their vision and trust their self-proclaimed yet controverted integrity?

These questions beget a broader question…. what’s the difference between any leader versus an effective leader?  Descriptors for the term effective include; adequate to accomplish a purpose, producing the intended or expected result, producing a vivid impression, striking.

Striking….this word strikes me, pun intended.  The population of effective, striking leaders is blurring in a world of self-righteousness and egoism.  In corporations around the world human resource leaders defer to competencies such as ‘Knowing the Business Cold’ or ‘Drive for Results’ to direct their leadership models. If competencies, however, were enough to create truly effective leaders, we could stop here and the business aisle of every bookstore would be empty. There would be no need for the Daniel Pink’s or Simon Sinek’s of the world to research the science between behavior and leadership. Top level executives wouldn’t be contracting with personal executive coaches and corporations wouldn’t be spending millions on leadership training.

Yes, competencies are the necessary foundation to ensure the basics are being accomplished, but we are talking striking, effective leaders here, not just any leader. So, what would that look like? We purport it looks like a Striker Leader.

Six elements make up a Striker Leader™ and all must be embodied before the title is assigned. Beyond minding their P’s and Q’s, we teach them to own their P’s and C’s.

  1. Purpose– A visionary “why” that grounds self and everyone around an inspiring noble goal
  2. Curiosity– A skilled learner’s mindset of inquiry to unlock the creativity, innovation, and autonomy in others
  3. Compassion– Creating trusted connections through vulnerable emotional intelligence that inspires passionate individual and team ownership
  4. Courage– Embodiment of ‘flying without’ a net to pioneer unchartered waters and accept failures as critical stepping stones to success
  5. Presence– Bold self-awareness in authentic integrity that effectively influences others
  6. Conviction– “Buck stops here” action-oriented commitment owning all outcomes

Most people read all six and say “Yeah, I have all of those”.  And we say, “Really, can you demonstrate how you embody all six in all your endeavors as a leader?”. This is when things get quiet. Thinking you’re courageous, or compassionate is one thing, proving that you demonstrate all six regularly and consistently is another.

6th Power™ is passionate about creating Striker Leaders™ that impact the growth of those they serve, the communities they touch, and the future of our planet as responsible business and mindful stewards.


If you would like further support on this or any other issue, click here to contact 6th Power for a free consultation to see if 6th Power can help you achieve your maximum potential.

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