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Beyond I.Q.

Academic and Business I.Q. are the price of entry in today’s world. Spreadsheets and knowing the business cold are standard leadership expectations.  Going Beyond I.Q. is the new barometer of success that catapults average leaders into transformational visionaries. It’s also good business.   Empathy Index

Empathy is the new black.

Go Beyond IQ.   Be a Visionary.  Striker Leader™.

What You Learn in Striker Leader


Step 1Purpose in the Vision

Every person, project, or business has a “why”. Learn how to start everything with it.

Step 2Empathetic Partnerships

People work with those they trust. Trust requires genuine empathy. Drive depth in your partnerships with empathetic listening and collaboration skills.

Step 3Innovate 2 Inspire

Brainstorming meetings don’t garner step-change innovation. A curious culture does. Embrace the learner’s inquiry process, blast stagnation, and create break-through innovation.

Step 4Empowering Presence

Authentic confidence inspires and empowers others to be bold as well. Learn critical communication techniques to embolden a presence that ignites others.

Step 5Courageous Growth

Failure is absolutely critical to success, yet indiscriminate failure is damaging. Learn how to “Fail Forward” through calculated risk to grow exponentially.

Why Striker Leader™

Build a culture that attracts and retains the best talent. 

The Problem: New Workforce Wants More

Workplace empathy is declining, not improving. Diversity and Inclusion training not only doesn’t work, it becomes a political mask of checking the box, particularly for those who don’t value it. The new Millennial workforce isn’t having it.

The Solution: Update Your Culture

Striker Leader Values Training. Going beyond I.Q. and engaging the six E.Q. traits of a Striker Leader establishes an empowered culture of growth. It’s a leadership precedent grounded in authentic empathy that is more than process, it’s a way of being.

The Problem: Stifled Innovation and Growth

Lack of unique innovation is inhibiting sustainable real growth. Intellectual curiosity is stifled in productivity initiatives. Outdated leadership paradigms are precluding courageous empowerment.

The Solution: Top-down Culture of Curiosity

Innovate 2 Inspire. We call it i-2-i.  Learn the questioning and curiosity techniques of the most revered innovation firms and build a culture of learners that innovate for growth.

The Problem: Artificial Leadership

Many leaders today lack the presence of authentic courage and confidence. Imposter syndrome is the domain of the high achiever. Fear of being “found out” drives hidden insecurity and precludes a culture of open dialogue.

The Solution: Unwavering Presence and Courage

Authentic courage to admit when one doesn’t have the answer is a Striker Leader’s greatest gift to his/her team. Embodying the “learner’s mindset ” and demonstrating the courage to fail forward empowers others to lean in.  Combine our effective risk management techniques with compelling story-telling, Tedtalks-style, to masterfully influence action and drive results.

Go Beyond IQ.   Be a Striker Leader today. Here’s how:

6th Power Mindful VISiON6™ Coaching

Hire a Striker Coach

Interested in taking yourself Beyond IQ to maximize your leadership success?   Hire an ICF Certified Coach to help you blast any barriers or blind spots holding you back from your true potential as a great leader.

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What are you doing to inspire and motivate your team towards Striker excellence? Motivational speaking engagements and workshops are designed to help unlock everyone’s potential Beyond IQ for maximum success.

6th Power - Impact Leadership Programs

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Engage in 6th Power’s™ global programming designed to immerse high potential talent in Striker Leader experiential learning for accelerated performance and purposeful impact. Request Leader Corps today.

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