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Why Sheepdogs Inspire Me

Sincerity in Purposeful Actions

Lately, I seem to be increasingly focused on mindful introspection. The thought to write down what inspires me, simply put, called out to me one day. We have all most likely heard the saying “It is the journey not the destination that matters”   and this for me, has always been a mantra that resonates strongly. So, in the spirit of seeking enhanced self awareness on my journey, here is what inspires me:

Kindness, compassion, honesty, bravery, selflessness (I struggle mightily adapting to the narcissist culture), sincerity, humility, optimism/hope, joyful spirits, perseverance/determination, a sense of adventure, a strong appreciation of the little things in life, and lastly but importantly, those that are comfortable in their own skin.  I feel certain there are additions to this, but these will do for now.

I think we all want to feel like we matter, as if our existence has value. Looking at my list, I feel this value most when I exhibit behaviors that inspire me. As the years tick by, I find myself more and more entranced by “doing the right thing” in all the areas of my life, personally and professionally. I am finally beginning to recognize that it is the sincerity of purposeful actions that makes us the best that we can be. I do not claim mastery of this remotely, but I am fully committed to trying!

I acknowledge an almost desperate need to restore my faith in humanity in a world that seems to thrive on delivering/sharing news for shock value. The beauty of basic kindness, the simplicity and ease of it and the inherent reward from giving of oneself is an irrefutable truth for me. Relevant to this, I cannot recall the name of the show or the network that aired it, but a segment that I viewed several years ago impacted me greatly. It was a story about benevolent acts of selfless heroism.  The heroes were dubbed “Sheepdogs” and I remember thinking to myself that if I am ever faced with a similar situation, I hope I too would be compelled to do what they did.

I searched online posthaste the characteristics of sheepdogs (in case you were wondering) to more fully understand where this nickname originated.  I read that sheepdogs are adaptable, intelligent, with an easygoing disposition and a remarkable sense of duty. For full disclosure, the description also goes on to say they are inherent herders, “clown-like”, rambunctious and very affectionate. As I can appreciate and embrace all listed traits, added to the fact that I am a HUGE dog lover (understatement), they had me at hello. J Joking aside, for me the label “sheepdog” symbolizes our humanity, our character and our behaviors that inspire others. To give unconditionally, not seeking recognition, to have the kind of soul wired to jump in and help others no matter the cost to self….. that  is who I want to be.  #SHEEPDOGFORTHEWIN. 🙂


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