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You’re Not a Muggle

How to Unlock Your Magic Making Potential with Affirmations

In the world of fictional wizardry, a “Muggle” is one incapable of performing sorcery a.k.a. magic. As mere mortals, do we as well struggle with being a “Muggle”, or do we rather have the innate capacity to harness our own brand of magic? If we consider the definition of such as “any mysterious power that produces extraordinary results” it illuminates the possibility that we do indeed possess the ability to manifest a bit of magic in our own lives. With Halloween decorations just coming down, a little self-reflective hocus-pocus is perhaps relevant and compelling to explore.

Ever hear of ‘The Power of Positive Thinking?’ If not, the gist is that your actions and beliefs, as well as your inaction and disbelief, determine the degree to which you may experience success and failure. It essentially concludes that predominant expectations produce our reality. The theory, also referred to as the Law of Attraction, is that positive and negative thoughts emit a frequency out to the universe which I will call ‘energy’, that results in the return of similar energy back to the source. It is theorized that by utilizing daily affirmations, you may be able to attract and manifest your own desires into reality.

Those who choose to focus on poor health, personal debt, job stress, and bad relationships likely perpetuate those situations in their lives by maintaining a negative attitude/thought pattern. Pessimistic attitudes create negative behavior that results in unfavorable results. If we do get what we expect, is it not perhaps time to manipulate what we expect to create a better outcome?

Open your mind and consider that thoughts become things, and words possess power. Energy flows where attention goes.

  • Keep It Simple: Ask yourself what you want and then construct a present-tense statement that is direct and concise. This is your bumper sticker per say, your positive talking point, that will reprogram your thoughts and beliefs.
  • Repeat With Intent: Reinforcement is key, so get creative and get resourceful. Keep a morning journal and post sticky notes with affirmations everywhere from your vanity mirror to the dashboard of your car. Set a mid-day and evening phone reminder, and then read them aloud before bed. Repeating affirmations over time reconditions your conscious and subconscious mind to expect success.
  • Believe it Now: Half the battle is won the minute you begin to really believe the words you think, feel, and speak. Mentally picture what it is you are saying to really feel and experience it in that moment. Persistence is key as you foster positive self-talk and self-expectations. After a lifetime of negative reinforcement, rewiring your brain takes time. You may falter in times of stress and hardship, but stick with it.

Whether or not any of this is “magic” is a matter of perspective. If the Pilgrims watched a space shuttle launch through an iPhone screen, the technology would be so advanced the word ‘magic’ would help them process and compartmentalize such incomprehensible information. Will future generations look back and contemplate how little we understood regarding our ability to navigate and control our own subconscious minds?

Why not choose to work a little magic of your own by expanding your horizons with more challenging and positive personal expectations. Try it for 30 days, what do you have to lose? Muggle no more.


About the Author – Madison DeCamillis

Madison DeCamillis is a 22 year old UF alumna with a bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications: Media and Society, specializing in both English and Spanish. She is an advocate for creative living, which she expresses through her writing and art. Madison is inspired by her travels around the world, surfing and yoga, as well as leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle to inspire others.




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