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What if Getting a Job After College Was Guaranteed?

Leader Corps – Successfully Launching the Careers of Our Future Leaders

High school graduates head off to college because it’s the obvious and expected next step in their educational journey.  Parents invest in higher education for their children to set them up for success as they enter the job market. Historically this journey has delivered the necessary career launch-pad for graduates. Yet today the picture isn’t so rosy. 86% of college seniors are graduating without having secured a job.  Suddenly the once trusted route to higher paying jobs, a college degree, is no longer delivering the expected return.  Now what?  Similar to the process high school students undergo with SAT tutoring to raise competency levels for college acceptance, our college grads need a process to increase business/leadership competency for job acceptance. Solution: Leader Corps.

Developed in partnership with Rustic Pathways, the leading provider of international community service, education, and adventure programs for students, Leader Corps solves a number of problems recent college grads face as they prepare to enter the workforce. Leader Corps is an intensive three-week professional development course delivered in global immersive locations that helps students land their dream jobs and positions them for successful careers.

We’re so confident that you’ll get a job after completing Leader Corps that we’ll refund the entire program cost if you’re not employed within a year of completing the program or graduating college, whichever comes later.*

Enroll in the Leader Corps Peru session this summer June 15-July 6 to get a leg up on the competition! If you need more information about how Leader Corps can teach you the skills necessary to land your dream job and succeed professionally, request a call from me or Rustic Pathways CEO Chris Stakich.

*Job Guarantee Disclaimer:

Finding a job is a two-way street. We will work diligently to train and support each participant in their search for their job, but our participants must also put forth a good faith effort. In order to be eligible for the money back guarantee, a participant must meet the following criteria:
a) Graduate from an accredited 4-year university. b) Apply to at least 4 jobs each month over the 12-month period following their graduation from college, and not less than 50 jobs in total. c) Leader Corps will recommend positions for which participant should apply. Participant must apply for at least half of the recommended positions within a week of receiving the recommendation, though is not required to apply for more than 2 recommended positions per month. Applications to recommended positions count towards the minimum application threshold stated above. d) Promptly return emails and phone calls from recruiters and potential employers. e) Show up timely for scheduled phone or in-person interviews. f) Follow the recommended dress code.
Receiving a Qualified Job Offer satisfies the guarantee, whether or not the participant accepts the job offer.
A “Qualified Job Offer” is a job offer that meets the following criteria: a) Full-time employment, whether salaried or hourly. b) Minimum annualized pay of $30,000, assuming 2,080 working hours in a year. c) There is no requirement for health insurance, vacation or sick days, or other employee benefits to be included in the offer. d) There is no minimum title required as entry-level positions are a great place to start!


If you would like further support on this or any other issue, click here to contact 6th Power for a free consultation to see if 6th Power can help you achieve your maximum potential.


About the Author – Kristin Danganan

Kristin is the Founder and CEO of 6th Power™, a business that focuses on helping individuals and organizations maximize their potential through personal coaching, motivational speaking, and group training events. The goal is to first unlock the individual’s potential and happiness which in turn unlocks the value for the benefiting company and community. Kristin draws on her prior success as a global strategic sales and capability leader at PepsiCo, her CLI™ Executive Power Coach training, and her multiple keynote experiences inspiring others to clear their mental clutter and maximize their potential. Kristin is a +20-year veteran of PepsiCo as a strategic executive, a mom of two active children (Kendall 21 and Mikey 17), and is an adventure enthusiast that in her free time can either be caught jumping out of an airplane, catching waves on her 8’ Walden, or traveling the globe to explore any new country or culture that inspires her. She currently resides in Orlando, Florida with her husband Mike and soon-to-be college student Mikey.

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